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Top Dog Care

At The K9 Spot our focus is creating a safe, secure & fun environment. Your pooch will spend the day playing with their peers in one of our four off-leash play areas. Our play areas are design to compliment their size & energy level with like size & minded dogs! At anytime your dog can choose a "Quiet Corner" or exit into a lodging area if relaxing is needed. Our professional IBPSA certified daycare staff monitors all of our canine guests to provide personalized care & attention, all the while making sure that the dynamics and socialization remain safe & positive.

To supply a healthy, balanced day for your pups. Don't forget their lunch!

As we provide a 1.5 hour midday lunch & nap break to all the dogs. 

Be sure to check out our Acceptance Criteria.

Drop Off & Pick Up Hours
Reservations Required

Monday - Friday
7a-10a & 3p-7p

Saturday & Sunday 
8a-9a & 5p-6p

Full Day - $24
Up to 10 hours of Play

10 Day Play Pass - $230
Pre-Pay for 10 visits at $23 per visit

20 Day Play Pass - $440
Pre-Pay for 20 visits at $22 per visit

30 Day Play Pass - $630
Pre-Pay for 30 visits at $21 per visit

*10, 20 & 30 Day Passes may be shared by dogs in the same household & expire 3 months from purchase.